Chapter 3 Exam Answer Key

You already know how to use the Python print() statement to display a single string on the output screen. The print() function can actually take more than a single parameter at a time. What do these extra parameters do? You'll find out in this lesson!

Reviewing Simple print() Statements

So far, we have used the print() function with a single string parameter. When passing in a single, quoted string value, or string variable, or expression that results in a string, that text data is displayed on the screen without modification. Give the examples below a try to review this simple usage.

print("Testing 1, 2, 3")        # print a single quoted string value

testResults = "Pass"

print(testResults)              # print a single string variable

score = 98

print("Score: " + str(score))   # print a single expression that results in a string

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