Activity #3 Independent Practice

Activity #3 Independent Practice

Magazine Design - From Thumbnail to Mechanical Layout

You will be going through the layout development process to create a magazine design. Your magazine cover can be based off an existing magazine such as: Teen Magazine, Sports Illustrated, People, etc. However, your design must include your own: Photos, Titles and Story Lines. You can also create your own magazine from scratch based around an interest you have such as: Shopping, High School Life, Technology, Gaming, etc. Your design must have a:
  1. Background
  2. Cover Photo (may also have smaller photos to show other features in the magazine.
  3. A Title
  4. Several Story Line Titles
  5. Issue Date
  6. Issue Price

Steps to project:

  1. Create 12 thumbnail sketches for your magazine cover.
  2. Create a rough layout from your best thumbnail sketch.
  3. Create a final comprehensive layout that accurately shows your final design.
  4. Create your final mechanical layout in AdobePhotoshop, Adobe InDesign or Adobe Illustrator.

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