Jax's Design Challenge

Jax's Design Challenge

Head 2 Head 2v2

  1. Jax are set up in various locations around the field. There will be three Jax on each side of the field, randomly dispersed, and a single Jax in the center of the field. Jax will be FFA.

  2. Borders will be set up next to each other on both sides of the hallway. Robots will have to drive around the walls to start the game.

  3. In order to clear, the Jax must be lifted over the edge of the field. The field will have (3) different border heights eight (8) inches, sixteen (16) inches, and twenty (20) incehs. Each height offers progressively higher point values if used to clear the Jax. The Jax must go over the border in order to count for points.

  4. Time Limit of 15 minutes to compensate for the motors overheating.

    1. Win condition will be based on points collected.

    2. This project will allow for full redesign of the robots. Students will be required to combine teams, plan, design and construct robots that will work collaboratively to achieve the goals of the project.

    3. The end result of the design process must yield a product that requires two (2) controllers. These controllers must be one person from each team.

    4. The teams may design two (2) individual robots that are independently controlled or a single robot that has multiple controls.

  5. Before teams can start construction they must complete a design proposal form and submit a sketch of each robot that they would like to build.

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