Bean Bag Challenge #2 - LP

  1. Head 2 Head 1v1

    1. Change from previous year (Megan Burns) - Each team member must collect at least 3 bean bags throughout the round. The team may select the order they wish to do this in and who scores the final bag.

    2. Change from previous year (Joe Raccio) - The final object to be scored may vary from the standard gold bean bag. Consider objects of different shapes and sizes to adjust the challenge level of the activity. Possibilities include - Giant Jack (as a lead in to the next project), canister pass (as a connection to the previous project)

    3. Green bags are split equally between the teams on each side of a field. These bags should be staged at different heights. The layout of each side should be the same. The gold bean bag should be placed in a more challenging position at mid-field. Teams must collect all green bean bags and return them to a storage container before attempting to collect the gold bag. Teams may collect the green bags in any order and may return them to the container at any time. The winning team will be determined by whoever collects the gold bag first.

      1. If teams are very close and are after the gold bag at the same time, the team that grabs the bag first should attempt to return it to their container. The opposing team may impede the path of the robot (crossing the mid-field line at this point is allowable if all green bags have been returned) and they may attempt to steal the bag from the team in possession. At no time will it be acceptable for the defending robot to intentionally contact the offensive robot in order to delay progress or force a drop. If the offensive robot drops the gold bag it is up for grabs and may be picked up by either team (a fumble).

      2. Penalties

        1. If a team crosses midfield before they have collected all green bags, they will be found offsides and be penalized by removing one green bag from their bin and replacing on the field.

        2. If a team intentionally crashes into a course obstacle they will incur a penalty of one green bag.

        3. If a team intentionally crashes into the opposing robot, they will incur a 3 bag penalty.

        4. If a team gets a penalty with no bags in the scoring container, the penalty will be enforced on the next bag placed into the container.

      3. WIN CONDITION - Gold bag must be placed into opposing teams container after all green bags have been collected.

        1. I was not thinking about a time limit for this, rather have it based on the number of green bags. If we feel that a time limit should be imposed then we can modify the win condition to include most number of green bags collected.

        2. I was thinking about allowing modification to the base clawbot for this project. A fully redesigned robot will be allowable for other projects.

Last modified: Wednesday, 15 November 2017, 7:33 AM