The Assignment

Using Adobe Photoshop, students will combine their images and text definitions into two posters:

  1. Elements of Art
  2. Principles of Design

Students should create their artwork on an 8.5" x 11" file in Photoshop at 300 dpi. Students will be primarily using the type tool, selection tools, copy/paste functions, and the layers panel.

Students will organize information (their sketches and corresponding definitions of the Elements/Principles) in a visually striking way while creating two separate posters. By creating the posters, students will gain an understanding of the Elements/Principles while simultaneously applying the concepts to their art.

When creating the posters, students will either scan or recreate digitally, their images to accompany the typed definition of each term. Students are encouraged to use the space of the page in a creative way; they are not limited merely to organizing their terms/images into columns or rows, but can explore the space on the page. Additionally, students are encouraged to find interesting ways to have their text and images interact. For example, the term/image for 'emphasis' (in the attached example) uses a spiral design to write the words in a visually-interesting way.

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