Lesson Vocabulary

Encapsulated PostScript (.eps):This is the next best choice for saving vector graphics. The EPS format will maintain the mathematical descriptions of your file. EPS files are supported by most graphics applications. It is best to use EPS files for illustrations because they can be reproduced at any size or resolution and display exactly as they were drawn.
Resolution refers to the dots of ink or electronic pixels that make up a picture whether it is printed on paper or displayed on-screen. The term DPI (dots per inch) is probably a familiar term if you've bought or used a printer, a scanner, or a digital camera. DPI is one measure of resolution.
Portable Document Format (.pdf): The Adobe Portable Document Format is used for publishing electronic documents. Once a document is saved in this format anyone can open it with the Adobe Acrobat Reader (which can be downloaded for free) without having the program the art was created in and the artwork looks exactly as you created it. This makes it a great format for transferring files.
CMYK is a subtractive model. Subtractive models use printing inks. Colors perceived in subtractive models are the result of reflected light. This model is used for designs that will be printed. Cyan+Magenta+Yellow=Black. When these designs are printed they use four colors: cyan, magenta, yellow and key(black) ink.
Tagged-Image File Format (.tiff): This file format is used for bitmap images only. It is supported by almost all graphics programs.
Vector Graphics
Vector graphics are composed of paths. These paths are created by mathematical relationships that describe the points and the paths that make up the image.
Joint Photographic Experts Groups (.jpg): This format is used for photographic(continuous tone)images. The JPEG format also uses compression for smaller files and faster downloads.
Graphics Interchange Format (.gif): This format is used mainly for compressing images to smaller size so they can be downloaded faster. This format is mainly used for images on the internet. The GIF format uses a fixed color palette limited to 256 colors or less.
Raster Graphic
Raster graphics are composed of pixels. A bitmap image (another word for raster graphics) is a grid that is made up of individual pixels. The image is created by how many squares in the grid are filled in and what color they are. Bitmap images are best for photographs and images with subtle shading.
The smallest unit of a video display.
RGB Color Model: RGB mode is an additive color model. Additive color models use light to display color. This mode is used for computer displays. The light colors result from transmitted light. Red+Green+Blue=White.

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