The Computer Aided Drafting and Design program offers opportunities for men and women to pursue a career in mechanical drafting. Graduates join engineering departments in a wide range of manufacturing, research and development disciplines and will have ample opportunity to apply their talents and skills in drafting and design.  

In drafting the student is introduced to concepts as they relate to the four technologies. Within each aspect the student will be guided through instruction, demonstration, hands on activities and problem solving techniques. Computer Aided Design (CAD) will be introduced. Since all drafting skills can be reduced to the use of lines, arcs, points, symbols, and text, most CAD systems deal with these primitives and the many ways of grouping, reusing, and manipulating these items. The primitives are used to create more complex drawings through the use of any number of input devices to form the drawing on the screen. Through the use of the software, the drawing can be modified, stored, or dumped to a plotter or 3D Printer to produce a hard copy.

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Mechanical Drafting - Course Description coming soon... 2018-2019