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The Technology program develops student perceptions and knowledge of modern day technology. The program provides a basis for informed attitudes about the interrelationships of technology, society, and the environment. Students will have the opportunity to use state-of-the-art equipment to pursue their study. Although students explore courses in Mathematics, Science, and Technology Education (Industrial Technology and Computer Education), the interrelatedness of these disciplines will be stressed. In the future, interdisciplinary courses will be offered to help students make connections among the disciplines in the Technology Program.

A course in Graphic Arts Technology provides students with an understanding of the processes and systems common to careers in publishing, printing, and other forms of media distribution. Representative topics include graphic design concepts; art and copy preparation; image generation and editing; desktop publishing; on-demand publishing; school yearbook and magazine layout; advertising and promotion; printing technology; binding and finishing; and screen printing.

Students will work in project-based learning teams and individually in our "mechatronics lab" with state of the art workstations including Robotics, Programmable Logic Controllers, Electronics and Power Distribution, CNC Milling, Mechanical Power Transmission, Lifting Mechanisms, Pneumatics, Hydraulic Power Systems, Integrated Mechatronic Systems, and a diverse maker space.

Students will learn how to become successful leaders in manufacturing and develop 21st-century skills employable in a technology-driven marketplace.  They will receive a solid foundation in mechatronics, a blended curriculum of electronics, mechanical, and computers, which can readily be used for employment or pursuit of an advanced degree in Engineering or Technology.